what is hair transplant?
what is hair transplant?

What Is Hair Transplant and Should I Have One?

In hair transplant sector, patients always ask what is hair transplant question. Although some patients do an extensive research on this subject, others have limited knowledge about hair transplant operation.

In the most general sense, hair transplant is an operation to restore hair loss experienced by patients. This operation is often preferred by men. Yet, there are women who desire to restore their hair. Hair transplant is completed in two main steps. The first step involves the collection of hair grafts or hair strands from the patients. The second step involves implanting these strands in the area with hair loss.

What Is Hair Transplant?

To answer what is hair transplant question, we should understand how hair extraction and hair implant occurs. During the hair extraction process, special tools are used for collecting hair grafts. These grafts are collected from the hair of the patient. For this reason, the hair grafts are resistant against falling.

After this process, hair grafts are implanted in bald areas. This way, bald areas are covered with new hair roots. After a certain period, this hair roots start to grow in the bald area. However, this process may take up to one year.

How Do I Know If I Need Hair Transplant?

The answer to this question is actually simple. Are you experiencing hair loss? Is your hair loss severe? Are you unhappy about how your hair looks with those bald areas? If answers to these questions are yes, then you need a hair transplant.

Before deciding to have a hair transplant, you may first want to find an answer to what is hair transplant question. When you learn all the details about this process, you will feel comfortable to have this operation. Compared to the successful results, the pain and cost of the operation are really low. Take one step forward and enjoy the successful results of hair transplant.


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