Are FUE Results on Internet Real?
Are FUE Results on Internet Real?

What Is FUE and Is It Permanent?

If you are considering to have a hair transplant, you probably have tons of questions on your mind. First of all, the most common question is without any doubt what is FUE? After this question, people often ask is the results of FUE are permanent?

People that experience hair loss is trying to find a permanent solution to this problem. Hair transplant can be a solution. If the patient follows all post-operation instructions, then the results will be amazing. After approximately one year later, patients can enjoy their new and shiny hair.

What Is FUE?

Let’s first answer to what is FUE question. FUE is a hair extraction technique used in hair transplant method. This technique is commonly referred to the overall operation. So, when someone talks about the FUE method, that means that person is talking about hair transplant.

In this method, hair grafts are collected from the back of the head. The hair on the back of the head is the strongest hair. This hair is resistantto hair loss. For this reason, this hair is preferred during hair transplant operation. When this hair is collected, the hair grafts are implanted to special canals opened in the recipient area. Recipient area means the area with hair loss. After a hair implant, the operation is completed.

Does FUE Make Any Difference?

After answering what is FUE question, now let us answer whether FUE will make any difference. The answer to this question is yes. There will be a significant difference before and after FUE operation. New hair will start to grow approximately 6 months after the surgery.

However, to see the exact results, you need to wait for 1 year. New hair will fully grow 1 year after the surgery. If patients follow all instruction, their hair growth will be amazing. It is no longer a dream to have shiny and voluminous hair.


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