DHI – direct hair transplant
DHI – direct hair transplant

There are tons of different hair transplant technique. If you are investigating a suitable method, you probably have seen DHI – direct hair transplant. Although FUE is the most common hair extraction method, this hair transplant technique is preferred by many doctors.

Of course, being a popular method does not mean that it will meet your needs. Everyone has different hair and skin characteristics. So, while one method works fine for someone, it might not be so great for another person. To avoid any disappointment, it is important to listen to recommendations of doctor.

DHI Hair Transplant for Hair Loss

DHI – direct hair transplant is a method that enables natural hairline look. In this operation, special pens called CHOI pens are used. Also, there is no channel opening procedure in this method. Since there is no need to open channels, hairline can be adjusted better.

However, this method has limitations. While it is possible to transplant 2500 to 3500 hair grafts per operation in FUE, this method only allows 2000 graft per operation. Therefore, this method is not recommended to individuals with severe hair loss. In severe hair loss case, 2000 grafts will not be sufficient.

Hair Extraction and Implanting Process

During hair extraction and hair implant, special CHOI pens are used. By using these pens, hair grafts can be directly implanted. Each hair graft is collected and implanted one by one. This way, in DHI – direct hair transplant method, hair grafts have minimum contact with air. Also, doctors can choose the strongest and most durable grafts. There is no need to shave implant area. This way, men with long hair and women can benefit from this method. Since hair implanting angles and directions can be adjusted, implanted hair will grow in line with natural hair. This enables achieving more natural look.


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