average cost of hair transplant
average cost of hair transplant

If you decided to have your hair implant, you might be wondering about average cost of hair transplant. There are different factors that influence the overall cost of this operation. However, there is one thing in common. This operation is not covered under health insurance. This means, you have to pay all your expenses.

When we consider this, budget can be an important barrier. You need to save some money to say goodbye to baldness. As health industry and health tourism are developing, different countries are offering affordable prices. Let’s see how average cost changes and what factors impact this change.

How Is Average Cost of Hair Transplant Determined?

First, average cost of hair transplant is calculated price per grafts. So, patients needs to consider this detail. Price per grafts includes all medical costs association with this operation. When you get price per graft, this will be the cost of entire operation.

Number of Grafts

While some people experience mild hair loss, others might have large bald spots. Hair loss level is an important factor that determined average cost of hair transplant. While mild hair loss requires less hair grafts, severe hair loss will need more hair grafts. As the number of grafts increase, price of the operation increase. On average, a hair transplant will cost between $4,000-20.000.

Location of Clinic

Location of clinic is a key factor. If you want to have your surgery in New York or London, you need to pay more. However, cities like İstanbul offer affordable prices. Turkey has become an attraction point for hair transplant patients. Prices are affordable and hair transplant clinics in Turkey are offering high-quality services.

Accommodation and Travel Expenses

If you want to have your hair transplant abroad, you need to add accommodation and travel expenses as well. Having your hair transplant in İstanbul and staying in this city for 7 days is often cheaper than having your operation in New York or London.


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