PRP hair
PRP hair

There are different treatments for hair loss. PRP hair which is also known as platelet-rich plasma is one of them.  This treatment is often applied to reduce hair loss as well as to stimulate the growth of weak hair. However, it is important to know that PRP isn’t hair transplant. PRP treatment may be regarded as a non-surgical procedure. This procedure supports the growth of weak hair roots.

PRP Hair – Platelet Rich Plasma Hair

In PRP hair, treatment consists of processing and applying the patient’s own blood to the scalp. This blood is processed by a special machine called a centrifuge machine. This machine separates blood is into protoplasm wealthy plasma, protoplasm poor plasma, and blood serum sections.

In this treatment, only the platelet-rich plasma section of the patient’s blood is applied. Other two components of the blood are discarded according to medical waste regulations. Special machine is used for applying PRP to the scalp. This special application machine has small needles on the ends. These small needles are used for injecting PRP to the scalp. Before the injection, to reduce the pain and discomfort, the anesthetic gel may well be applied locally. But this treatment is known to be painless.

When Do You Need PRP Hair?

It is important to know that platelet-rich plasma hair is different from hair transplant. This treatment can be classified as hair transplant.  In most cases, this treatment only reduces hair loss levels. Also, it often shows better results at the early stage of hair loss. In advanced hair loss cases, this treatment may not produce desired results.

Since this treatment helps hair roots to grow stronger, tiny hair roots can grow. This will help you achieve fuller and denser hair look. PRP has advantages for weak hair. This treatment can be preferred by men and women. Also, in some cases, PRP is applied to support hair transplant surgery. To support newly transplanted hair roots, doctors might suggest PRP session after hair transplant.


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