restore hair
restore hair

You might experience baldness in your early 20s. This is a normal pattern in men. However, losing your hair this early might cause depression or other negative feelings. Yet, you might have a solution for your problem. You can choose to restore hair in your 20s.

There are few things you need to consider before deciding on having a hair transplant. Especially, if you are experiencing hair loss at an early age. These will help to increase your hair transplant success rates.

When You Should Restore Your Hair?

There is no exact time to restore hair. There are few factors that affect your decision to have hair implants. Based on experts, you will need to complete a level that is certain of loss if you’d like to have hair transplant. If you are still experiencing a significant number of hair loss, this might prevent hair transplant. There are a couple of reasons for that.

Incomplete Hair Loss

Your hair loss may continue until your mid-30s or also until your mid-40s. So, you need to wait for your hair loss cycle to be completed. If you have your operation too early, there still will be hair loss. And your hair restoration operation will not be successful. You need to wait for your hair loss to be completed. This will give your doctor a better area to work on.

Understand You Hair Loss Patterns

Also, it’s important to know your hair thinning patterns. This is the key factor to restore hair successfully. It might be too very early to comprehend your pattern in your 20s. When you have receding hairline, the medical practitioner must prepare your hair transplant accordingly. Or if you have bald spots on your crown region, this calls for various range grafts. So, you should understand how your hair loss occurs and where do you need hair transplant.


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