hair transplant
hair transplant

Are your having hair loss problem? Have you seen a doctor? If you are searching for hair transplant for your hair loss, it is better to see a doctor first. In some cases, hair loss is caused by different factors. There could be underlying skin problem. Or your stress levels might be triggering your hair loss.

Also, in case of certain treatments like chemotherapy, you will experience hair loss. But in this case, your hair will grow back when your treatment is completed. So, before rushing things up, just calm down and evaluate your condition.

Learn Your Hair Loss Type

Before deciding on your hair transplant surgery, you need to learn more about your hair loss type. There are different types of hair loss. While some are linked with diseases, others are purely genetic. So, before choosing the right treatment, you need to visit a doctor.

Treat Other Hair Loss Problems

If your hair loss is due to health problem, you might need to treat that problem first. For example, certain skin diseases cause temporary hair loss. But you don’t get treated, this could turn into something permanent.

Also, stress and external factors might also trigger hair loss. In these cases, you need to get treatment for hair transplant. Skin disease might require treatment with medication. So, always consult to a doctor before deciding on surgery.

Decide on Hair Transplant Surgery

If your hair loss is not related with skin disease, it is probably about genetics. In this case, your only solution will be hair transplant.  When you need a hair restoration, your doctor will assess your hair loss level.

There is a scale called Norwood scale. This is the most common assessment tools to determine hair loss level. After this evaluation, your doctor will consider other factors like your age and skin conditions. Then, you can decide your surgery with your doctor.


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