best hair transplant
best hair transplant

Technology changes everything in our lives. And this includes hair transplant method as well. Therefore, best hair transplant methods can be different in each decade. As an example, since 1950s where the very first attempts had been built in hair transplant, there has been changes that are significant. Presently, robotic transplants are becoming popular. Also, people are healing and recovering in much shorter time than in 50s.

Now, there are three common methods in this field. These are strip harvesting methods called traditional follicular unit transplant (FUT), follicular unit extraction (FUE), and robotic hair restoration. FUE and robotic hair restoration would be  the most typical hair transplant methods applied across  the world. Also, more experimental non-surgical methods such as platelet rich plasma (PRP) transplant are applied.

Best Hair Transplant Operations

It is difficult  to say which method is the best hair transplant method. This might be because each method would work for different style  of hair loss. Also, the  amount  of hair loss determined the success rate of the operations.

FUE technique may  have successful results for one clients but also  for other patients, PRP can become  more successful. Therefore, to figure out which locks transplant technique is the greatest, clients should consult up to  a doctor. This way, they can have the most successful results. And this is thanks to the best hair transplant method that suits the patient.

How  to Choose Correct Transplant Method?

To achieve best results after a hair transplant operation, the suitable method should be selected. And this requires different factors. Several of those factors are the age, gender, and hair loss level. To find  the correct transplant method, clients should consult up to  a doctor.

Doctors will examine the patient. During the examination, they will assess all relevant factors. Based on these factors, doctor will recommend all options that are possible for that patient. The ultimate purpose is to choose best hair transplant method for the patient.


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