How Much FUE Transplant Cost?
How Much FUE Transplant Cost?

How Much FUE Transplant Cost?

Known as follicular hair extraction, FUE transplant is a hair extraction method applied during the hair transplant operation. FUE transplant cost depends on the number of hair grafts to be extracted. Also, hair transplant costs depends on the country.

Hair transplant is made in different countries. And medical costs, doctors’ fees, and post-operation care costs in these countries determine the overall price. Countries like the U.S., Britain, Germany, and France have higher prices due to higher medical costs.

What is FUE Transplant?

Actually, FUE transplant is an extraction technique. FUE is the first step of a hair transplant operation. Hair grafts, that are the donor’s hair, are collected with this technique. These grafts are collected from the back of the head. This region is used for collection as the hair here is the strongest.

After hair extraction, one of the hair implant techniques is selected to complete the operation. Hair implant techniques are Slit graft implant, Sapphire graft implant, and DHI or direct hair implant. Graft implant technique also determines the price of the operation.

Does FUE Transplant Cost Change Between Countries?

Yes, FUE transplant cost changes from country to country. Even the prices can be different in different cities of the same country. Generally, the prices depend on the graft implant method and general medical expenses. Countries like Turkey are offering affordable hair transplant operations. This way, patients are preferring Turkey for the operation.

In the U.S., medical costs are higher than most of the countries around the world. Hair transplant costs in the U.S. starts from $2500. Depending on the number of grafts, the operation can go up to $5000. These are quite high for most of the people. Therefore, people in this country are looking for more affordable options. For example, hair transplant costs in Turkey starts from $900. The prices can go up to $2500 which are lower than in other countries.


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