How Much Does FUE Cost?
How Much Does FUE Cost?

How Much Does FUE Cost?

One of the most popular questions in the hair transplant field is about FUE cost. Since FUE is the hair extraction technique, the prices change by various factors. When doctors are giving the overall price of the operation, they add implant cost to extraction cost.

Patients need to be careful about the price of the operation. Generally, prices on the internet show the price per graft. However, this will only be one portion of the operation cost. In addition to the cost of hair grafts, there may be other associated costs.

Why Does FUE Cost Change?

There are many factors that change overall FUE cost. The first thing is the number of hair grafts. Rought estimate the cost of a hair transplant can be made by calculating a number of hair grafts required for the operation.

Most of the doctors calculate the price in this way as well. If more hair grafts will be extracted from the donor area, the price will be higher. A number of hair grafts necessary for the operation can be determined by the doctor. After an initial examination, doctors talk to patients about the cost of the operation. When patients accept the offer, the operation is scheduled.

Is It Possible to Have Cheap Hair Transplant?

Since the price of a hair transplant operation is high, people are trying to find cheaper alternatives. Although this operation can be made at affordable prices, patients need to be careful about going for the lowest price. In some cases, the operation may be made in unsanitary conditions. And this may lead to infections and other undesired consequences.

However, patients can look for foreign countries to have a cheaper hair transplant. FUE cost is lower in countries like Turkey, and India. As general medical care is cheaper in these countries, hair transplant operation can be completed with affordable prices.


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