how much dhi hair transplant costs
how much dhi hair transplant costs

DHI hair transplant is one of the most effective techniques for hair loss and baldness. In recent years, the most preferred technique in the transplant field has been the DHI technique. This method, which is more technological and successful than other techniques, has different pricing. Let’s take a closer look at the DHI technique, which is also similar to the FUE hair transplant.

Whats Is DHI Hair Transplant?

DHI hair transplant is a treatment method that is performed with a special pen and gives results in a short time. DHI, which is the short version of the term direct hair implantation, is one of the most remarkable treatment methods in recent years. DHI technique is applied with a special pen called Choi pen. This technique is a technique that is performed without the need for any surgical intervention on the skin and the healing process is quite easy.

DHI hair transplant is a non-grooving treatment that gives fast results. This is one of the most important points that separates the DHI technique from the FUE technique. Although the FUE technique is known as a technique that gives fast results, the DHI technique offers an easier recovery. DHI is a type of treatment also offered by hair transplant clinics in Turkey.

How Much DHI Hair Transplant Costs?

DHI hair transplant is more expensive than other treatment methods. The reason for this is that a special device is used in this treatment and fast results are obtained. However, when looking at the hair transplant costs in Turkey lists, it can be said that the DHI technique is also cheaper than in other countries. Turkey is a country that offers both affordable and quality services in the transplant field. For the clearest price information about the DHI technique, the clinic representative can be contacted.


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