Hair Transplant Healing Process

How Long Does It Take for Hair Transplant area to Heal?

One of the most popular questions about the procedure can be this. How long does it take for hair transplant area to heal? Well, it depends. As in all other surgeries, healing of a scar depends on the individual. There are various factors that can affect the speed and quality of the healing process. And these factors include both internal and external factors.

One thing you should keep in mind is that your hair transplant area will heal. Regardless of the hair transplant technique, you will experience scarring after the operations. Actually, this a good thing as it is the sign that your body is healing.

How Will Hair Transplant Area Heal?

Hair Transplant Healing Process
Hair Transplant Healing Process

If you want your scares to heal faster, you need to follow the advice and instruction of the doctor. Generally, after the operation, doctors prescribe certain medications. These medications include antibiotics and special hair care products. Also, you need to use the shampoo recommended by the doctor.

Other things you can to do accelerate healing process is to reduce exposure to external factors. For example, air pollution may adversely affect the healing process. Also, smoking and drinking alcohol may slow down your healing process. For a period of time, it is advised to limit these external factors.

When Should I Be Worried About Scars?

In most cases, your hair transplant area should start to get better after a week. During the first couple of weeks, the transplanted area will be crusted. And this is perfectly normal. You shouldn’t force these crusts to fall down. They will fall down naturally within 2-3 weeks.

Yet, if your scars are not showing any healing in the first 1 or 2 weeks, you may need to consult your doctor. Abnormal redness, soreness, or another type of pain may mean there is something wrong. In this case, visit your doctor without losing time.


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