hair transplant surgery
hair transplant surgery

People are often wondering whether hair transplant surgery is safe. In fact, this operation is as safe as any other cosmetic surgery. Of course, there is the possibility of complications. But this is a low chance. And in general, hair transplant is regarded as one of the safe operations.

Hair Transplant Surgery Recovery

Patients need to follow all instructions in hair transplant surgery recovery process. This is essential for the best results and for the comfort of the patient. In addition to recovery that is healthy clients require to manage their brand new hair for successful results.

Doctors will recommend medications for the first 7 to 10 days. This is important to prevent any complications. This medication might include antibiotics and mild pain killers. Anti-biotics will prevent any infection to spread to donor and transplant areas. Infections can be hard to treat and in some full instances life-threatening. So, it is essential to stop infections for healthier recovery.

On the other hand, pain killers will help to relieve the pain. Although this surgery is painless, it is possible to experience mild discomfort. Since it is a surgery, it is normal to have slight discomfort.

Recovery Period Considerations

After your hair transplant surgery, you’ll want to avoid extreme activities. Extreme physical activities can damage your new hair and new roots. Sweating too much could harm your hair implants. Extreme physical activity might cause dizziness or harm your brand-new locks.

Also, it is better to quit smoking. Smoke and chemicals will damage your hair roots. And you might not have the best results. So, it is recommended to quit smoking before the operation. This way, you can increase the success rate of hair implants. Once you follow all recovery period instructions, you can start enjoying your new hair. The hair implant results will be successful.


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