hair transplant
hair transplant

Just how do they are doing hair transplant can be one of the most common questions asked. Patients who wish to hair implants are curious about it. Currently, most hair that is popular operation is FUE transplant. In this method, hair roots are collected.

The implant is stage two in this operation. So, in stage two, one of the two options could be selected. These processes are Slit and Sapphire. And these are the popular implant methods. Both of these techniques involve starting canals in the recipient area. When opening these canals, the tools for this operation are different.

Steps for Hair Transplant?

Before making a decision to have hair transplant surgery, it is important to know all details. Without the details, the surgery might be scary. First, the doctor makes an examination. This is important to understand hair quality and other things. During the examination, the doctor is careful about assessing all hair components. Skin type is also as important as hair root quality.

Then, doctors take all this information. And accordingly, the best transplant option for the patient is chosen. The number of grafts is also determined in this process. During the procedure, patients have an anesthesia application. It is local. What this means is just the donor and receiver areas are under anesthesia. The patient is awake but does not feel any pain.

Is Hair Transplant Operation Permanent?

After answering how do they are doing the hair transplant question, let’s consider another question that is popular. Is hair transplant operation permanent? People who experience baldness genuinely wish to find a solution that is permanent to their issue. This can be the second most common question in hair transplant industry for this reason.

The results will be permanent after completing full recovery time that corresponds to one year. Brand New hair will start to grow about six months after the surgery. But, full new hair growth is completed approximately 1 12 months later. When hair is new to grow, this hair will not fall down. So, the results of the locks transplant procedure are permanent.


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