FUE hair
FUE hair

FUE hair is the number one hair transplant. Actually, this operation is composed  of two main steps. In addition to hair extract, hair implant is applied as well. But people often know it as FUE which is the extraction

So, now we now the entire hair transplant. But we can still call it FUE hair. There is no problem with this wording. In fact, you can call it anyway you want. There is one thing for sure. Hair transplant will give you a denser and fuller hair.

What Is Hair Transplant Operation?

Hair transplantation is a type of surgery. So, it is different than non-surgical treatments. And for this reason, the results for FUE hair are permanent. To minimize the potential risks in this surgery, it should be carried out in a hospital setting. This will prevent any complications.

To get the very  best results, an experienced plastic surgeons must operate the patient. This will increase the overall success of the hair. Since the surgeons has extensive experience, s/he can choose the best option for the patient.

FUE Hair Extraction Step

In hair transplant, first step is hair root extraction. This is an important and delicate process. So, doctor’s skills play and important role. During extraction process, hair roots are collected one by one. Each graft can have 1 to 3 hair roots. Hair roots are needed for FUE hair.

After this step, hair roots are prepared for implanting. This is also important as these roots will be the new hair. So, any tissue around the roots can damage the success. At this stage, roots are cleaned with a special solution. This removes the tissue.

At last, the roots are implanted to hair channels. Canals are opened with a surgeon’s blade or diamond tipped blade. Then, hair roots are placed in these channels one by one.


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