hair transplant cost per graft
hair transplant cost per graft

Clients that decide to have hair transplant are curious about transplant cost. And they are right to be so. The price of this operation is hair transplant cost per graft. So, as you need more grafts, you will need to pay more for implants.

Cost per graft in hair transplant impacts the surgery cost. And this will impact your budget as well. There are different hair implant prices in different countries. The U.S. or other countries in Europe are pretty expensive for hair transplant operations. This is certainly caused by higher medical expenses associated with utilizing the procedure.

How to Decide on Graft Number?

The graft is also known as hair graft. In fact, they are simply hair follicles. These grafts are collected from the scalp. And mostly, the back part of the head is the ideal area for this operation. This area is named donor area. This part of this scalp has the most resistant hair compared to other areas. Therefore, this hair is preferred during hair restoration.

Hair grafts generally have 1 or 2 or 3 hair roots. All implanted grafts should produce hair. This is the general expectation. But this is not always possible. There is no such ideal scenario. So, doctors selected graft that is suitable depending on needs associated with the client. And hair transplant cost per graft changed based on the number of grafts.

Real Hair Transplant Cost per Graft

Hair transplant cost per graft is not the same all around the world. Generally, the US or England or Germany might have higher price range. And this might be between $5.000 and $20.000. However, in countries like Turkey, the price of the operation is relatively lower. The hair implant price may change between $1.000 and $10.000.

The cost associated with hair transplant depends on medical expenses. And these expenses are different in every country. To restore hair, minimum 500 grafts are applied. But this is for mild hair loss. The number of grafts can move up to 2.000. On average, prices per graft range between $5 and $9. So, patients can calculate the price accordingly.


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