PRP hair
PRP hair

PRP hair is the common name for platelet rich plasma treatment. This treatment is applied to fight against hair loss and to stimulate hair growth. But PRP is not a hair transplant method. PRP treatment is a non-surgical procedure that is applied so support hair roots. It is possible to stimulate hair growth when you have weak hair roots.

What Is PRP Hair – Platelet Rich Plasma Hair?

In PRP hair, patient’s own blood is the main component of the treatment. This blood is processes in a special machine that works like a centrifuge machine. In this machine, blood is separated into three parts: platelet rich plasma, platelet poor plasma and serum.

In this treatment, only platelet rich plasma is applied. Both platelet poor plasma and serum are discarded with appropriate methods. PRP is applied to scalp with a special machine as well. This machine has micro needles. By using these micro needles, PRP is injected to scalp. Before the injection, anaesthetic gel might be applied. But in general, this treatment is painless.

When You Should Have PRP Hair?

PRP hair is not a hair transplant. So, in most cases, this treatment does not work in certain hair loss levels. If you have advanced hair loss, this treatment might not work as you like. But if you have mild or moderate hair loss, PRP will significantly help you.

Since this treatment makes your hair roots stronger, small hair roots will grow with extra nourishment. Also, if you have weak hair, PRP can have benefits. This treatment works well in both men and women.

Also, in some cases, PRP is applied after the hair transplant operation. To increase the strength of newly transplanted hair, doctors might recommend PRP session. This way, your new hair will grow stronger and hair transplant success rate will increase.


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