beard transplant
beard transplant

Men love having a full beard. It is their most important accessory. Beard frames our face. So, men are really concerned with their beard. A full beard and a good beard line are often desired by all men. In the past, there was solution to achieve this desired look. But with beard transplant, men can have that fuller, stronger and sharper beard and beard line they want.

Beard implant is among surgical operations. Patients are operated in special hair transplant clinics. Also, the doctor must operate on the patient. In this sense, transplanting beard requires expertise.

Beard Transplant to Restore Beard

Beard transplant can solve your beard loss or beard gap problem. There are different reasons that cause beard loss. Trauma is considered one of the most common reasons. Also, burns can lead to gaps in the beard. In these cases, the doctor need to examine the patient before the operation. There is one important condition for this transplant. Active blood circulation in beard region is necessary for a successful transplant.

Also, genetics play a role in a thin beard. Some men might have a thin beard. If thin beard is caused by genetics, beard transplant is the only way to restore beard. Doctors can reshape or create a new beard line. Additionally, it is possible to increase beard density

Is Beard Transplant Different Than Hair Transplant?

Actually, these two methods are similar. Both hair transplant and beard transplant are based on same basic principles. In case of beard, there is one difference with hair root collection. Roots might be extracted from the back part of the ear. In, hair transplant, hair roots are extracted from the back of the head.

Another difference between these two applications is methods. Hair transplant can be performed with FUE Slit, FUE Sapphire, or DHI. But beard transplant is performed with DHI. Beard and hair transplant have similar recovery processes.


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