DHI Turkey
DHI Turkey

Having new hair has become popular among men and women. The reason behind the problem of hair loss is important before a hair operation. This will determine the selected method. Stress or illness-induced hair loss is common among individuals. In such cases, hair transplantation does not give successful results. But in other cases, DHI Turkey will be the best choice to say goodbye to bald areas.

DHI Hair Transplant

When hair transplantation will be done, DHI Turkey is preferred as Turkey is among the top countries. In this method, the donor area or planting area does not need to be shaved. In addition, the planting area after the operation can be camouflaged with other hair. Thus, the person is able to continue his normal life without any obvious planting.

Special CHOI pen is used for this operation. These special needles that look like a pen are used for collecting hair grafts from the donor area. This area contains hair follicles which are often referred to as hair grafts. Each of the collected grafts is implanted one by one.

The collected hair grafts are transplanted into the bald area without losing time. This increases the success of the operation. Local anesthesia is applied to the operation area before collecting and implanting.

DHI Turkey for Convenient Operation

DHI Turkey is the name given to the DHI hair implant in Turkey. This country has become one of the most popular hair implant destinations. Skilled doctors and experienced implant teams are a major factor in this sense. And people are happy with their operations in this country.
In addition to DHI hair implant, other methods such as FUE and PRP are applied in the country. Turkey is a strong country in the aesthetic operations field. And with this property, the country attracts a high number of patients all around the world.


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