hair transplant procedure
hair transplant procedure

If you are new to this topic, you might want to learn all the details about hair transplant procedure. In fact, hair transplant is easier than most people think. There are two main steps which are hair extraction and hair implanting. Also, we can include recover process after the operation.

Steps of Hair Transplant Procedure

When you learn more about hair transplant procedure, you will feel more comfortable during the process. Since it is a surgical intervention, hair transplant can have a scary image for people. On the contrary, you can have a comfortable operation and go back to your daily life in just 3 days. Let’s see which steps are involved in this operation.

Hair Extraction

First step of hair transplant procedure is hair extraction. Currently, doctors use FUE (follicular unit extraction) method in this process. In the past, there was FUT (follicular unit transplant) method. But FUT is an outdated procedure. Therefore, doctors use FUE technique to extract hair grafts.

FUE technique enables smoother hair extraction with special punch motors. These special handheld tools decrease tissue damage around donor area. This way, swelling and bruising after the operation are significantly decreased.

Hair Implanting

After extracting hair grafts, these grafts are kept in a special solution. This solution will remove the extra tissue collected by the punch motors. Also, this solution will preserve hair roots until they are implanted. During this process, doctors open channels to recipient areas. If surgeons blade is used for this process, hair implanting is called Slit technique. But if diamond edged blades are used, it is called Sapphire technique. Only difference between these technique is the blades used for channel opening.


Last stage of the operation is recovery. When hair implanting is completed, donor and recipient area of the patient are dressed. This wound dressing should be kept for couple of days. This way, newly transplanted hair will be protected from outside environment. Full recovery and hair growth might take up to one year. But you are patient and you follow all the instruction, you will enjoy a new hairline and thicker hair after one year.


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