hair restoration
hair restoration

We all believe that men experience hair loss. However, hair loss in women is also a common thing. Like men, many women want hair restoration to prevent permanent baldness. But in case of women, things might be a bit different and complicated.

To treat hair loss in women, the underlying reason must be determined. Female hair loss is often caused by external factors like stress or some other disease. Therefore, before considering hair transplant as treatment, underlying reasons must be identified.

Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss in women and men are different. For this reason, hair restoration for these two genders differ. A method that works fine on men might not work on women. In most cases, hair loss in women start from the back part of the head. Actually, this hair on the back of the hair are the most suitable hair roots for hair transplant.

So, in this case, women start to lose the ideal hair for hair transplant. Also, female alopecia has different properties than male alopecia. For this reason, restoring hair for women might require different methods than hair transplant.

Hair Restoration for Women

In most cases, hair restoration for women might produce insufficient results. This is due to hair loss characteristics of women. Generally, women are not good candidates for hair transplant operation. Studies show that only 2% of women can be good hair transplant candidates. But this ratio is significantly higher for men. However, there is another option. PRP treatment in women produces successful results. This treatment will stimulate thin hair roots on scalp. Also, PRP treatment will strengthen existing hair roots. This way, hair growth can be stimulated. When applied regularly, PRP will have visible benefits. PRP treatment is also recommended for men. In this case, PRP is a good option before hair transplant.


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