before and after hair transplant
before and after hair transplant

There are other treatment options to reduce hair loss. Among these treatments, PRP is highly popular. PRP is a non-surgical treatment and can be applied before and after hair transplant. This makes PRP an ideal supporting treatment. Since it is non-surgical, new hair will not grow in bald areas. Main purpose of this treatment it to make weak hair roots stronger.

PRP is commonly preferred to support hair transplant. Doctors often recommend this hair treatment before and after hair transplant. This way, success rates of hair transplant can increase as well.

PRP Hair Treatment

PRP hair is applied with a special device. This device has several needles. By using these needles, patient’s own blood is applied to scalp. Before application, blood is processed. This processing involved centrifuging the blood in special centrifuge machine.

After this process, blood is separated into three parts. Only platelet rich plasma part is used for this treatment. Other two parts of the blood are discarded. Platelet rich plasma is applied with the special device.

PRP Before and After Hair Transplant

Hair transplant can be scary. Since hair transplant is a surgical operation, it is only natural to feel concerned. There are complication risks associated with the operation. Also, patients need some time for recovery. In this case, PRP hair can be recommended. Patients can go back to their daily life on the same day. This is one of the benefits of PRP.  

As we have said, PRP treatment can be applied before and after hair transplant operations. When this treatment is applied after hair transplant, newly implanted hair can be nourished. This way, new hair roots can grow stronger. Since this treatment increases blood circulation, new hair roots can be nourished better. For this reason, PRP hair can be considered as a good option to support hair transplant.


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