Are FUE Results on Internet Real?
Are FUE Results on Internet Real?

Can I Avoid FUE Hair Transplant Scars?

There will be no FUE hair transplant scars after the operation. FUE hair extraction technique is a scar-free hair transplant method. Unlike FUT where patients used to experience significant scarring, FUE technique will cause no scarring.

In the past, having a hair transplant was a great deal. But as the medicine developed and new methods are discovered, this operation has become easier over time. Of course, the main improvement was in terms of scarring. Compared to operation that were made 20 or 30 years ago, currently there is no scarring after hair transplant.

Will I Have FUE Hair Transplant Scars?

You will not experience any FUE hair transplant scars. In FUE hair extraction technique, the special tools that are used during the operation cause no scarring. So, you don’t need to worry about any bad looking scars or sutures.

The only thing you will experience after the operation will be crusting. Crusting is natural in hair transplant operation. Crusting shows that your scalp is healing and new hair will start to grow. So, all patients will experience crusting. This crusts will start to fall down after the operation and will completely disappear within couple of weeks.

Is FUE Operation Painful?

FUE is a surgical operation. For this reason, patients can experience pain after the surgery. However, there will be no pain during the surgery. Before hair transplant operation, local anaesthesia is applied to both donor and recipient area. This way, patients feel no pain during the operation.

After the operation, when local anaesthesia losses affect, patients might feel slight pain. But doctors prescribe certain pain killers to minimise this pain. When used according to prescription, these pain killers will supress the pain associated with the operation. Since there are no FUE hair transplant scars and there is slight pain, more and more people are going for hair transplant to get back their natural looking hair.


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