beard transplant
beard transplant

Men are obsessed with their hair and beard. Without their beard, most men feel naked. But some men might not be lucky to have a full-grown beard. In the past, this was an important problem. But now, beard transplant can help you to solve this problem.

In most cases, it is possible to have both beard and moustache transplantat the same time. This way, your facial hair can grow in harmony. Also, with this transplant, you can enjoy the full-grown beard you have always wanted. There are couple of reasons to have this surgical operation.

Why You Should Have Beard Transplant?

Your beard might not have the look you have always wanted. Or you might want your beard line to be higher. In this case, beard transplant can give you what you want. Also, there might be gaps in your beard. These gaps might be caused by a skin disease, acne or some other genetic reason.

This operation will help restoring beard loss. During this operation, it is possible to shape your beard as well. So, you can change the beard line and moustache line when you have this operation.

What Is the Difference with Hair Transplant?

Basically, the main principles behind hair transplant and beard transplant are the same. Doctor will collect hair roots to transplant your beard. As in hair transplant, these hair roots are collected from back of the head.

There might be a difference in application. During beard transplant, there is no channel opening. So, this operation is generally done with DHI – direct hair implant method. This is due to structure of the beard ad moustache area. DHI can also be applied on hair transplant. But when it comes to beard, it is not possible to use FUE Slit or FUE Sapphire techniques. These techniques are special to hair transplant.


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