Are FUE Results on Internet Real?
Are FUE Results on Internet Real?

Are FUE Results on Internet Real?

There are thousands of photos showing different FUE results. Since there are significant difference between before and after photos, people sometimes think that these photos are not real. For this reason, there is always a doubt about the results of hair transplant operation.

Actually, most of those photos that show before and after condition are real. Hair transplant can produce amazing results. And it is almost impossible to distinguish if the hair is real or implanted. After completing recovery period, which can take up to one year, the hair will grow in transplanted area.

Will I Have Successful FUE Results?

Yes, you will most probably have successful FUE results. In some rare cases, the results may not meet expectations. However, this rate is extremely low for hair transplant. Hair transplant operation is a permanent way to eliminate hair loss.

Additionally, when you follow all post-operation recommendation of the doctor, you will increase your chances to have successful results. A good care after the operation will enable transplanted hair grafts to grow stronger in transplanted area.

Does Implant Method Affect FUE Results?

There may be slight changes in FUE results depending on the hair implanting method. However, these changes are hard to notice with bare eye. For example, Sapphire hair implant method produces more natural looking hair lines compared to Slit. But, in some cases, Slit method may be more suitable than Sapphire method.

Will My Hair Look Natural After Operation?

Yes, after the hair growth is complete, your hair look natural. Hair transplant is a great operation to eliminate bald areas on your scalp. With expert doctors and expert hair transplant team, results will surprise you. You will have the strong hairline you have always dreamt of. And all these results will be permanent due to structure of the operation.


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