PRP Hair Treatment
PRP Hair Treatment

What Is PRP Hair Transplant?

Actually, PRP hair transplant is an incorrect term. PRP is not a hair transplant method. Platelet-rich plasma is a treatment or therapy applied to stimulate hair growth in bald areas. This treatment can be applied on its own. Or in some cases, this treatment is used for supporting hair transplant method.

PRP is preferred by patients who are afraid of surgery or who are experiencing mild hair loss. This treatment can be applied as a first step treatment. Also, PRP hair treatment can be used together with hair transplant to stimulate hair graft growth after the operation.

Does PRP Hair Transplant Exist?

No, there is no such thing as PRP hair transplant. As we stated, this is a treatment to stimulate hair growth. However, there is an important misunderstanding about this topic. People often believe that PRP is also another hair transplant method.

When we consider hair transplant methods, these methods can be divided into two: hair extraction methods and hair implanting method. While FUE is a hair extraction method, Slit and Sapphire are hair implanting methods. There is also DHI or direct hair implant method. In this one, special CHOI pens are used for both hair extraction and hair implants.

How Is PRP Made?

PRP therapy is called platelet-rich plasma therapy. In this therapy, the blood of the patient is used for stimulating hair growth in bald areas. Our own blood can be beneficial under different scenarios. Based on this fact, PRP hair treatment is derived to fight against hair loss.

When the blood is taken from the patient, it is processed in a special centrifuge machine. This machine divides the blood into three parts. These are platelet rich plasma, platelet poor plasma, and serum. Platelet-rich plasma part is applied to scalp with a special tool. Other two parts are discarded and never used in this process.


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