Are FUE Results on Internet Real?
Are FUE Results on Internet Real?

What Is FUE Transplant?

Generally, FUE transplant term is misused by people. Actually, FUE is a hair extraction method and only forms the first stage of the hair transplant. A hair transplant operation consists of hair extraction and hair implant.

During the hair extraction stage, hair grafts are collected from the patient. These hair grafts are hair follicles that contain hair strands. Currently, the only method applied for hair extraction is FUE. In the past other methods such as hair strip extraction or FUT was popular. But now, these methods are old-fashioned.*

Is FUE Transplant a Solution to Hair Loss?

FUE transplant or FUE hair collection only forms the first stage of the operation. When combined with the correct hair implant method, this extraction method will show successful results. Hair implant method should be selected according to characteristics of the patient.

Since each patient has different hair properties and hair loss type, correct hair implant method will increase the success of the operation. Slit, Sapphire, and DHI are some of the hair implant methods applied in hair transplant sectors. Although all of them are hair extraction methods, the application procedures are different.

Is FUE Operation Painful?

During a hair transplant, local anesthesia is applied to both the donor and recipient area. So, during FUE hair extraction, the donor area is numbed. Without applying local anesthesia, the extraction operation would be painful. However, with anesthesia, patients feel almost nothing during operation. Also, hair implant would be painful without any anesthesia.

After the operation, patients should use certain painkillers to avoid post-operation pain. These painkiller medications are prescribed by the doctor. When these medications are used according to prescription, patients do not feel pain during recovery. Some highly sensitive patients may feel more pain than others. In this case, doctors change the doses of painkillers. This way, the comfort level of patients are increased.


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