what is dhi hair transplant
what is dhi hair transplant

DHI hair transplant is the abbreviation of the term “Direct Hair Implantation”. DHI, one of the hair transplant techniques, is a method that also uses technology. It is also quite possible to get effective results in hair transplant application with the DHI method. Just like the FUE hair transplant, the DHI method can be applied in hair transplant clinics in Turkey.

In this article, you can find what you are wondering about DHI hair transplant.

What Is DHI Hair Transplant? – How is the DHI Hair Transplant Technique Applied?

DHI hair transplant is one of the most popular hair transplant methods in recent years. DHI method, also known as Choi pen hair transplant, is a technique that can be applied with a special device called Choi pen. Hair tissues taken from the donor area with a Choi pen are placed in the area where hair loss occurs.

Choi pen hair transplant

Hair follicles are obtained from tissues called grafts, which are placed in the area where hair loss is seen. These hair follicles extracted by the Choi pen are used for hair transplant.

Thanks to the hair follicles added one by one, the hair transplant process will be completed successfully. In the DHI method, graft removal is performed under local anesthesia without the need for any surgical intervention. The patient will not feel any pain or pain after graft removal and placement.

What are the Advantages of the DHI Technique?

The DHI method, also known as unshaven hair transplant, has many advantages. DHI hair transplant is a technique that gives fast results and has a very short waiting time. The FUE method has a waiting time for grooving, while the DHI method has no waiting time. This will ensure that the hair transplant patient enters the recovery period as soon as possible.


  1. I have been looking for information about hair transplant methods especially the DHI method, it is hard to find information wihout being pushing into buying hair transplant service, thank you for putting information online so we potential patients can find and read without pressure.

    I wonder if it is possible to have a completely shave free hair transplant as grefts are collected one by one from the donor area?


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