restore hair loss
restore hair loss

Anyone experiencing hair loss also has serious self-confidence problems. Hair loss can decrease self-confidence. For this reason, men look for a way to restore hair loss. With advancement in technology and medical science, it is now possible to restore hair and hairline.

There are two ways to prevent and restore hair loss. One method is non-surgical procedures. These procedures help preventing or slowing hair loss. On the other than, surgical operations can completely reverse hair loss. It is not a dream to have your old hairline back.

Hair Transplant to Restore Hair Loss

If you want fuller hair and a sharp hairline, hair transplant can help you. Currently, more men are choosing this operation to achieve the look they want. Hair loss does not have to be your fate anymore. Now, it is possible to restore hair loss.

All you need to do is to decide on hair transplant operation. There are few methods you can choose. Mostly, hair transplant is known as FUE hair transplant. But FUE – follicular hair extraction- is actually the hair extraction process. This extraction step is combined with an implant step. Implant steps can be Slit, Sapphire or DHI (direct hair transplant). However, DHI is different from Slit and Sapphire. In DHI, special pens are used for both extracting and implanting hair roots. 

Hair Transplant Results

One of the main concerns of individuals who want to have hair transplant is about hair transplant results. There are tons of before and after hair transplant photos online. When we look at these photos, it is not possible to understand which ones are real and which ones are fake. Before deciding on your hair transplant clinic to restore hair loss, you should do an online research. Also, if you have any relatives or friends who had this operation, you can always ask them. Remember, there is no better advice than word of mouth.


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